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Full Mount 

We believe that full mount are the best way to preserve African hunting memory. A full mount captures the species in it's full beauty and presence. We custom sculpt every full mount manikin to your exact specifications and it is anatomically correct to the size of the skin and the skull. 

The full skin is taken and the animal is usually mounted on a floor plinth or, in the case of a leopard sometimes, on a branch that can be wall mounted or on a pedastal. 

Full mounts are a must for some African trophies like the acts, that demand nothing less. Lion and Leopard are only really seen in their full glory as full mounts. 

Half Mounts

Half mounts are essentially the front half of the animal including the front legs. Mounted against a wall, the give the impression of an animal emerging from vegetation.


When space is limited, but you want the beauty and presence of your trophy, opt for a half mount as it has the best of both worlds.

Floor Pedestals

Floor pedestals can vary from full mounts  to shoulder mounts on a specially built pedestal according to your preference. It gives us great satisfaction to bring your vision to life.


Our hand crafted pedestals are made in-house from a variety of different types of wood. “You can either custom design your pedestal with regard to wood type, size, inlays and finish or you can choose from our selection of standard pedestals”

Shoulder Mounts 

Our shoulder mounts are made by using  proprietary manikins that are schulptured in-house by our master craftsmen. This assures you of the most life like portrayal of your prized trophy.


Shoulder mounts are the most popular African mount option which utilizes the cape, skin and horns. We take great pride in our fine touch to create perfection with each trophy.

Wall Pedestal Mounts

The wall pedestal is attached to the wall on the one shoulder of the animal, like a 3D design. The back of the mount is slightly curved and backed with skin. This design allows appreciation of a full side view of your trophy.


Our wall pedestals are made using proprietary manikins, sculpted in-house by our master taxidermists. We give great attention to detail as they are often admired but also because it is a reminder of your perfect hunt.

Table Pedestals

This is a unique way to display your life like trophy. Crafted by our in-house craftsmen to ensure that your table pedestal has a unique display. We take great pride in our attention to details to ensure that your trophy can be admired for its true beauty.

Skull Mounts

The European-style skull mount is a timeless tradition, and we are proud to offer a variety of different options to suit your taste. Skulls of animals are bleached and horns treated before being secured to a teak shield.


In a traditional European Mount, skull is cut and only the skull cap secured to a shield whilst a bleach on shield is the entire upper jaw of animal. For carnivores both upper and lower jaw can be mounted onto shield, either jaw closed or slightly open.

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